Capital City Hoops
Official Tournament & Round Robin Rules

An admission fee of $10 will be charged for all spectators:

  • Children under a specified age will be admitted with no charge.

All teams must send a representative to check in at Plaquemine Parish Recreational Facility, 499 F Edward Hebert Blvd., Belle Chasse, LA 70037, at least one (1) hour prior to your first scheduled game (30 mins. prior to the first game of the day).  The representative will be presented with a team packet which will include two (2) wrist bands per team for coaches to gain entry into each tournament site.  Additional coaches’ bands may be purchased for $15 each. Players must wear player’s bands to gain entry.

Team stat sheets must be filled out by half-time of the game prior to your scheduled playing time and will be maintained by the HOME TEAM each game – please be prepared to have someone at the scorer’s table. Be mindful that games may start up to thirty (30) minutes early (not the first game of the day at each facility), so please be present at least one (1) hour prior to game time.

There will be a 10 minute grace period allowed before a FORFEIT is awarded. Decision may also be at the discretion of the site director.


  1. 9U – 12U will play two (2) twelve (12) minute halves, running clock***.

13U – 14U will play two (2) fourteen (14) minute halves, running clock***.

15U – 17U will play two (2) sixteen (16) minute halves, running clock***.

***Running clock means the clock will stop on time outs and free-throws only.  During the last two (2) minutes of each half, the clock will stop on time outs and all dead balls. If a team gains a lead of twenty-five (25) or more points, clock will stop on time outs only.

Round Robin play: 9U – 12U will play two (2) twelve (12) minute halves, running clock.  13U – 17U will play two (2) fifteen (15) minute halves, running clock.

  1. Each team will have two (2) full time outs per half.  No carry overs.
  2. 9U – 12U will play with a 28.5” ball.  13U-17U will play with a regulation size 29.5” ball.
  3. Halftime will consist of two (2) minutes.
  4. A player fouls out on his 5th personal foul.
  5. A team reaches 1 and 1 bonus on the 7th team foul of each half.  Double bonus (2 shots) is reached on the 10th foul in each half.
  6. Two (2) technical fouls will result in automatic ejection from the game for either a player and/or coach.  Technical fouls may be issued to a team due to the conduct of their fans/spectators, in the event a player’s name and/or jersey number is not listed or incorrectly listed on the stat sheet, in the event of a player or coach’s misconduct, or at the discretion of the game official(s).
  7. Overtime will consist of two (2) minutes with one (1) full time out per team; no carry overs from previous half.  There will be no time out carry-overs if multiple overtimes persist. If double overtime persists, no third overtime will be granted. Winner will be determined via free–throw shooting. Each team will have an opportunity to shoot. The 1st team with a made free–throw vs. the team with a missed free–throw wins.
  8. Bracket seed placement will be determined by win/loss record in pool play.  In case of record ties, the following sequence will determine placement: head to head, point difference, points scored, points allowed.  If a tie still exists, a coin toss will determine bracket seed placement.
  9. At the end of pool play, check the online website or check with a gym supervisor for bracket seed placement, game times, and locations.  The brackets posted on the Capital City Hoops Schedules/Results page are final.
  10. First team or top team listed in pool or bracket play wears white uniform (home team).  Second team or bottom team listed in pool or bracket play wears dark uniform (visitor team).  Bring both colors to all games in case of the event a team does not have extra uniforms.
  11. Team trophies will be awarded to bracket champions and runners-up in each age division.


A player can only play on one (1) team within his respective grade division.  A player may also “play up” on one (1) team in a different grade division.  AAU age/grade eligibility rules apply.

Coaches MUST have birth certificates and report cards on site for verification should there be any players in question in regards to age/grade eligibility.

There is a $100 fee to contest a players age/grade eligibility. The fee will be refunded in the event the player is confirmed ineligible. The fee will be forfeited in the event the player is confirmed eligible.

If a team is found to have an ineligible player (over age or outside of the grade exception rule) via birth certification and report card verification or the lack of a birth certificate and report card, they will receive a “loss/disqualified” standing for each game in which the ineligible player participated.  The team will be allowed to continue tournament play without the ineligible player if there are scheduled games remaining.

Do not embarrass yourself and your team/organization by bringing ineligible players.

Capital City Classic
Code of Conduct

  1. There will be no foul language/cursing, unsportsmanlike conduct, physical violence or berating of fans, players, or officials.  These acts will not be tolerated.  The game is for the kids.  Maintain a positive atmosphere, win or lose.  Anyone who does not abide by this rule may face receipt of a technical foul for their team and possible ejection and/or suspension from the tournament.
  2. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted at any site.
  3. No bouncing of balls on the court perimeter is permitted.
  4. Anyone defacing or damaging the property of any school or gym facility before, during, or after the game will be automatically suspended from the tournament and held liable for all costs.
  5. If anyone believes any rules are being violated by any coach, player, or spectator, they may contact the gym site director.  The site director will investigate all complaints received and will take appropriate action, which may include suspension and/or disqualification from the tournament.
  6. Please keep all young children supervised at all times.  Do not allow them to run freely throughout gym facilities as they may hurt themselves or another child.